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13/11/2006 · Hi, How to check the TDP client for domino version in Aix & windows. In Tivoli® Storage Manager Version 7.1.6, a 64-bit version of the AIX client is provided in the distribution libraries. NAS backup client; tivoli.tsm.filepath_aix Installs the file path kernel extension that is required for journal-based backup. tivoli.tsm.client.jbb.64bit.

All of the packages that are needed to install the client are in the Tivoli Storage Manager AIX client package, and they overwrite any older runtime applications on your system during installation. The LibC C Setruntime library is required. Create and configure the agent instance by using this command-line interface method, or you can use the CandleManage graphical interface method: Creating and configuring the monitoring agent instance by using CandleManage. AIX 5.3 64 bit onlyadditional requirements for DB2: This is the minimum TL and Service pack level supported by the TSM server. Any TL and SP levels equal or higher than what is listed here is supported AIX 5.3 Technology Level TL 6 and Service Pack SP™ 2 plus the fix for APAR IZ03063.

To verify what version of the server is installed the installed.xml file needs to be verified. This file is found in /var/ibm/InstallationManager/ location. 22/10/2013 · 1. How to login into TSM on AIX ? 2. How to check tsm server services, installed tsm packages ? 3. How to check configured library device and its drives ? For more TSM Tutorials visist.

IBM Spectrum Protect Server-Client Compatibility and Upgrade Considerations Resolving the problem Tip: The product now known as IBM Spectrum Protect™ was named IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager in releases earlier than Version 7.1.3. How do I tell which AIX version am I running? Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Logon with the Tivoli Storage Manager server instance ID and run the db2stop command. If the DB2 instance does not stop, run the command, db2stop force.. Download maintenance fix pack packages and READMEs for the TSM V7.1 Fix Pack 2 7.1.2 clients, including both English and non-English clients where supported. Download packages for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager TSM client version 7.1.2 have been removed from the web as they contain unremediated security vulnerabilities.

Install or Upgrade the Client and API Software. Check that the client system meets the prerequisites for client software. See the user's guide for the client. Install the client software and API if not already installed on the system, or upgrade the software to the latest level as necessary. Installing the AIX client. AIX 32-bit client Installs the Tivoli Storage Manager common files, client files command-line and GUI, administrative client command-line, NAS backup component, image backup component, and the Web client. After installing the Tivoli® Storage Manager client, you must configure the client before performing any operations. If you are upgrading your Tivoli Storage Manager client, it is unnecessary to reconfigure the scheduler, web client, or other configuration settings.

Hello All I am intersted in hearing your experience with AIX 6.1 clients and using Netbackup or TSM to perform full system backups. Benefits / disadvantages based on your experience is appreciated.

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